Making a Differen Functional Skills Programme

Our functional skills course works to help you to improve and develop your English and Maths in a relaxed informal environment.

J@SH - 06/05/2022

Not everyone managed to get their full qualifications when they were at School or you may have forgotten how to do some things. With our Basic Skills programme we would check your starting point and then our tutor would work with you to decide the best plan for you, delivered in a way that suits you and your situation.

Your Tutor will help you with the preparation for assessment/test and support you to gain a recognised qualification. This will allow you to assist your children with their homework or progress into work. We will also support you to take part in short discussions, which will develop your confidence in an interview or work setting.

There are no prior qualifications needed, we will check your starting point with a short assessment and tell you which level you need to start on. This could from Entry Level 1 up to Level 2.

What will I learn?

In English you will learn:
  • reading writing
  • speaking and listening

In Maths you will learn more about maths will also help you with day to day functions including:
  • managing your money calculating discounts in shops being able to use a calculator effectively.

Making a Difference Functional Skills is suited to anyone who:

Would like to brush up, improve their English & Maths
Want to help their children with their English & Maths
Would like to gain a recognized qualification to help with employment
Would like assistance to gain or sustain employment.

The English course covers the following topics:
  • Reading Writing
  • Speaking and Listening Taking part in a discussion Delivering a short presentation Spelling
  • Punctuation and grammar

The Maths course covers the following topics:

  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percentage

Measure Shape and Space
  • Money, Time, Temperature
  • Length, Distance, Weight
  • Perimeter Area, Volume Angles and shapes

Handling Data
  • Collecting and presenting information
  • Average, Mean, Range & Probability